Play with iPad as sound source

Can I use my iPad as sound source like this:
connect both Play and iPad via USB and send Midi over USB to and receive audio via USB from my iPad?

Hey @michael.markaritzer, welcome to the community :partying_face:

The Play does not support Audio over USB, so no… you won’t be able to feed the audio back into the iPad via USB - sorry.

But USB MIDI should work. I have a M1 iPad Pro with USB-C, here’s the setup:

And a quick demo of me recording MIDI to the Play - excuse my shakey phone recording :laughing: :

Now keep in mind i have no idea if this will behave the same way on an older iPad or an iPad with a Lightning Port. Because i think you gotta use the Apple Camera Kit Adaptor thingy there.

Thanx for chiming in! That‘s sad to hear - would be a neat setup without external mixer…

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