Play+: Units (plural) supplied with Play firmware - cannot reflash

Posting here since this looks like it wasn’t an isolated problem given I’ve now had two Play+'s one with v1.2.0 of the Play firmware and the newest with the v1.1.0 firmware. Play+ box, sealed cardboard box with Polyend tape. The Play functionality works however it’s impossible to access the Synths.

If I could flash with v1.0.1 (or v1.0.0) firmware this wouldn’t be an issue but attempting to do so results in an “Update failed” message.

About to send back to the retailer … debating whether to get a full refund or risk a 3rd replacement.

Also wondering if this is a known problem; I’m not going to risk the emergency reset and bricking the unit (the description suggests it would simply fail anyways) but I’m hoping that there is something really stupid that I’ve missed here on the setup?

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Definitely not a known problem…

The emergency reflash randomly picks a firmware file from the disk and flashes it to the device.
There’s really nothing you can do wrong there, so i would definitely give that a try.

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Could you elaborate on what your experience is that makes it impossible to access the synths? I’ll definitely extend on what @Sandroid said and never once heard of this happening before.

Reading back what you wrote, you mentioned your first Play+ had 1.2.0 firmware but the most recent firmware for the Play+ is 1.0.1.

The more and more I think about it, I get the impression you have an OG Play on your hands and not a Play+

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So everything around the unit (box, manual, unit itself) is branded with “Play+”. Both units came sealed in Polyend packaging and are from a reputable UK retailer.

Both units however either have OG Play motherboards or have been flashed with OG Play firmware. The firmware on the SD card was v1.0.0. I’ve tried to flash both units from v1.1.0 and v1.2.0 to Plus+ v1.0.0 and v1.0.1 but get an “Update Failed” message.

I’ll be honest … I can’t work out how this happens. Is this OG Play electronics in a Play+ case or is it incorrect firmware? How do either events happen given the units do look to be genuine and straight from the factory? How does this get past QA even? It’s very strange to say the least.

This super odd indeed.

If i were you i would get in contact with Polyend customer support directly. I’m sure they’ll help you figure this out.

Also just to be clear: there is no 1.2.0 Firmware for the Play+
The latest firmware is 1.0.1 and can be found here:

So i’ve got to ask, where did you see a v1.2.0 Firmware?

So i’ve got to ask, where did you see a v1.2.0 Firmware?

When booting … it’s displayed on the start up screen and in the settings/firmware menu:

That is an image of the second unit with v1.1.0. The one with v1.2.0 I returned.

Edit: I’ve decided just to return the unit and get a refund.

Sorry to hear that, but totally understandable. But yeah, this is very odd.

I’m adding @Mitch and @miropoly here, just so they have knowledge of this and can possibly look into it.

Try the emergency firmware flash,nothing can go wrong!

I was sent photos of a confirmed good unit by the retailer and that has actually tempted my to risk my luck one more time! 3rd time lucky and I have a unit with play+ firmwork out of the box!

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Fingers are crossed HARD :crossed_fingers: :laughing:

Let us know how it goes :blush:

Looking into this, since it has Play firmware and wont flash Play+ firmware my best guess is a mixup of the Play and Play+ PCBs when building the units. Manufacturing is aware of the issue to put processes in place that the units aren’t mixed up.
Sorry @leej, if you took a chance on another unit DM me and I’ll see if we can do something for the hassle!


I did indeed take a chance on a 3rd unit and the only problem has been that I’ve had far too little time to do more than play with the basics! I’m really looking forward to the weekend and making some noise. So far though the Play+ is exactly what I wanted though, love it!


The first thing I would try is replacing the SD card that comes with the Play+. They seem to be very poor quality and the root of a number of issues.

This was a manufacturing issue and has been resolved as mentioned in the post just above yours :slight_smile: