Play+ some pads are doing a cool light show randomly switching colors

Bug Description

I was tweaking the ACD synth parameters while playing a pattern with it.
And got a light show see this:

Here when I stopped playing and pressed some of the pads on the right:

Reproduction Steps

Will post more after more experiments. I was able to get it to stop completely once, then tweaked some more parameters while playing a pattern and it happened again. Easy way to get it to stop is turn it off and back on again.


Will post more after more experiments.

Found in

Latest play+ beta build.

@radfaraf Thank you for reaching out about this!
It seems like a hardware issue.

Please fill out an RMA application found here:
Once you do, I will contact you via email and discuss all the details there.

I really think it’s a software bug, as I have not been able to trigger the issue again even after trying really hard and have used my unit since then quite a lot. So I won’t be trying to do that RMA as it seems like not a good idea when it’s working fine since then. I worked in software QA and always find software bugs other people don’t in things, and that’s probably what happened there.

@radfaraf I discussed it with our service team and they suggested a faulty CPU.
The RMA option is always open. PM me if you ever encounter it again or find a way to reproduce it, and we will investigate further. :slight_smile:

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