Play+, Reverb and delay effects do not work on separate USB tracks

Hi how are things?

I have an important doubt. When connecting the Play plus directly to the computer to be able to record the separate tracks, I noticed that the Reverb and Delay effects do not work. I have seen the manual and in the specifications of the stereo audio engine it is specified that the effects are applied before the mixer as well as panning (which does work on independent tracks). I have looked in the Play menus but I don’t see anything to configure. Is there any solution to that? Could it be that I am doing something wrong? Has anyone else noticed that? Would it be possible to fix it in a future firmware update?

The truth is that I think it is essential to be able to come out with the effects integrated into the independent USB audio tracks since it is an essential part of the interpretation and construction of the tracks.

Well, any information is welcome.

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Reverb and Delay are separate tracks themselves (#13 and #14). And I prefer the way how it works as I can process them indepedently.


Thanks for that information, I hadn’t realized that. :vulcan_salute: