Play randomly mutes all audio tracks when variations selected

Bug Description

I have an issue with my Polyend Play.
firmware v 1.2
Track variations setting: per track.
Power source

I observed two behaviors.

Switched all audio tracks to variation mode programming.
Switeched to MIDI view, and back to audio view.
Suddenly all audio stops to play. MIDI tracks keep sending the data to outer device.
I need to switch back to MIDI view, or, which is even more strange, turn off the variation mode it seems, that 6 audio tracks needs to be switched back to normal mode from variation mode.
This happens sometimes for me even if all MIDI tracks are empty, and sometimes it happens sometimes not.

After i recorded first video. I turned off the devie, then i turned it one, and even weirder thing happend.
When i started to switch audio traacks to variation mode after six tracks were selected, audio muted (MIDI kept playing) and switching to MIDI view started the audio again.

Reproduction Steps

  1. (probably worth to mention) Before thios started to happen i reordered audio tracks.
  • i had 6 audio tracks programmed, and 2 empty tracks (for example: bass, chords, stabs, kick, melody, hats, empty, empty )
  • i quick copied one track to the empty track (variation by variation)
  • i cleared the original track variation by variation (selected that track, and shift+Fill/delete)
  • i copied contents of another track to newly created empty track to have it in the correct row
  • repeat the steps to have all the tyracks in rows i want to have them in order i want to have (kick, hats, bass, chords, stabs, melody, empty, empty)
  1. set the Variation Page setting to Separate Tracks
  2. select all audio tracks to variations page
  3. switch to MIDI view
  4. switch back to audio view


bug is reproducible sometimes

Found in

  • Version: (1.2.0)
  • Build: (849)


video 2
video 1
project (658.4 KB)
workspace (659.8 KB)

Hi @lubopanak, thanks for your report. We are sorry you’re having issues with Play and please help us resolve them faster for you.

We cannot reproduce the issue so far, and also haven’t other users complain about this yet. It’s quite common use case, so it must be something specific to your setup or project.

First of all, the video2 link is saying “This video isn’t available anymore”.

Secondly, could you share your workspace folder from the SD card and/or the saved project you were using when the issue occurred? We will try to reproduce it here then.

Thanks again!

Hello, thanks for the reply, i fixed the links for videos, and attached both, project and workspace.

I added one probably crucial step which may cause the behaviour, probably that will be helpfull

Hi @lubopanak that helps a lot, thanks for the info and sharing your project.
Unfortunately, we still cannot reproduce the problem and help you with fixing this issue.
My assumption is that something went wrong in the way you copied the variations from track to track. This could’ve resulted in some corrupt data or state.
I am also struggling to see which variations are active and how many of them exist in your videos (probably using lower Grid Brightness setting would help).
Thanks again for your support and patience. I hope we can find more exact reproduction steps soon.

Hello again,
so i noticed one thing. this happened for me in differen scenario as well.

With one clean project where i did not used any “heavy” copying between variations.

Anyway i suspect that my unit is probably faulty.

What it has in common, before audio is gone, is that i hear light click inside the unit - like some relay is turning of some part of the unit. (i can hear that light click when turning the unit on). And the click is audible as well, before the sound goes again on.

Hi @lubopanak, thanks for sharing new details.
It does seem like a faulty hardware indeed… or a faulty power adapter or even cable.
Please try testing with another power adapter and change the cable you’re using. Then we can investigate further if the problem persists.
I’m sorry you’re having such issues and please help us resolve them for you asap.
Thank you.

Hi @lubopanak , is there any update on this topic? Did you experience the issue again? Did you get in touch with our support if your HW is indeed faulty? I hope issue has been resolved by now. Thanks for your report once again

Hello, it seems that it was caused by a power. when plugged directly to computer on dedicated usb slot, or directly to power source it does not happen. only on unpowered usb hub.

OK, Thanks @lubopanak for letting us know :heart: We’re glad you found a solution. I marked your comment as one :slight_smile: Cheers!

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