Play Plus multi-track audio over USB to FL Studio 21

Looking for a simple, straightforward ‘how-to’ on sending multi-track audio over USB to FL Studio 21 (PC). I thought the Play+ would somehow be detected when plugged in, but nothing obvious so far. Do I actually need an audio interface just to use this function? I’ve never attempted audio over USB to FL Studio with any other device, so this is all new to me.

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I personally don’t use FL Studio, so i won’t be able to provide a super detailed walkthrough of the setup but i think i can give you enough of the important bits so that you should get it up and running.

Under Windows it is necessary to use ASIO4ALL to use the Play+.
FL Studio seems to already have ASIO4ALL Support built-in according to this official manual/guide link:

So i would follow those steps and you should actually be able see and activate the Play+ in the ASIO Panel.

If you need to install ASIO4ALL manually (again, not sure if that is necessary with FL), here the link to the official site:

(yes i know, the site looks scammy as hell, but this is the official site :laughing:)

Let me know if you get stuck during any steps and i’ll try and help you as best i can.

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Setup an Aggregate device first by looking in the PDF manual and searching for “Aggregate”.

Then you need to setup the FL Stuidio mixer to work with it. Here is a zip file that contains a PDF with instructions I wrote for myself on how I get it to work on my mac, that might be enough to figure it out on PC. Might need to zoom in a lot to clearly see what is occurring.

Polyend Play+ with FL studio over (2.2 MB)