Play/Play+ Updates and Upgrade Path

Ok, first impressions. WOW! This was worth it. This is going to be super niche but the biggest thing I was excited about is plugging the Play into the iPhone to record video and audio. I recorded and played back, BAM! I could not hear anything when I was recording and found a work around by launching AUM so I could hear the audio while it was recording. Haven’t even messed around with anything else but YES! LOVE IT!!!


Oh boy am I bullish on play +. Individual track outs over USB!! Haven’t even got to the synths. When you use the device vs talking about it, damn there’s fun to be had!


My upgrade came today. I don’t have time to use it much in the next couple of days to really take advantage of the new stuff, but I’m impressed!!

And it’s cool to get the whole spiffy new box and manual and everything. I mean, yeah, I know, we pay for it with the upgrade, but it has the whole “You got a new bit of kit!” feeling to it.

Looking forward to getting serious with it over the next week or two.

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I just bought it for Xmas. I hope in a future the synth engines will have the same features as the sample engine. After buy it, I saw a video of loopop saying that bit crusher and overdrive aren’t available in the synth part. I hope it will be implemented.

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@ameliagagarin, soon you’ll get advice to make separate wishes for all that stuff. after that you may want to find all the fulfilled ones in the last 12 months and estimate the chances.

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Thank you for including a physical manual in the package.

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Can you really blame anyone for being angry? I had a pretty expensive gas habit buying gear until I got the play. I even bought a mini tracker second hand.
Now I see you’re “sold out” of upgrading my play into plus? That really sucks. What am I supposed to do? Nobody’s going to want to buy the play now. So can’t just sell it and get the plus.
There’s no option for the rest of us?

By sold out i’m sure it just means until they have fresh parts to make more.

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Just went on the site to order but I see its now sold out, didn’t have the funds when when I got the email, but now I do… I hope the upgrade path will continue to be offered to us ?

Yeah the Play+ is completely sold out until probably mid-January, not just the upgrade. We will send a newsletter email update as soon as we have more in stock to sell/upgrade.


Probably on the website should say Sold out more coming soon, otherwise people will make things up like they were doing above.

is there a deadline for play to play+ upgrading?
as in, will it only be available until a certain date, or will it be ongoing?

From the latest newsletter / update mail:

They’re back! Original Play, Play+, and Play+ Upgrades are now available again. Don’t miss out on the chance to upgrade to Play+. We’re expecting this batch to sell out quickly! We will continue to offer upgrades so this isn’t your last chance, but the introductory $799 Play+ price will only be offered for a short time.


No deadline or plans to stop upgrades, maybe we will stop upgrades someday? But we will let you know well in advance.

The second batch has sold out but there should be more in about a month. As for the price of a new Play+ mentioned in the newsletter - I know we will have to raise the Play+ price at some point, but no details on that yet either.


that’s great, thanks for the reply Mitch :slight_smile: