Play, Play+ 3D printed Case


I’ve been tinkering on a custom 3D printed case for the Play for a while and thought I’ll share the files here, if anyone wants to print their own. It fits the Play and the Play+, might even fit the Tracker but haven’t tried that yet.

Has to be printed in two pieces to fit the volume of most 3D printers. Latest version was printed on a Bambu Lab X1 (used the Prusa MK3 before). The pieces are then simply connected with a screw. The powerbanks are from Anker, Anker PowerCore 5000mAh, you’ll find them on Amazon.

3D files are uploaded here: Dropbox - public - Simplify your life

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Neat. Thanks a lot!

Scaling seems to be off though :wink:

Just need to multiply by 10 on import :wink:

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this is awesome !

cool design too! i like the little lifting of the backside

would this scaling thing be a problem for a total 3d printing moon when i bring itching sone 3d printing service ?

moon = noob

Updated the files on dropbox @iv0, so no scaling is needed anymore.

But please keep in mind that I can’t guarantee it will all fit if you bring it to a 3D printing service. Last version was printed on a Bambu X1. Sometimes different printers have minor differences and the measurements are super tight. Just a disclaimer :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth, it has been a little bit on the loose side for me. I added a very thin layer of felt. But it’s a brilliant design, thanks @Mattes!


My son got a 3D Printer as Christmas gift and just printed this for me. Thanks for the design and provision of the files!


Great stuff!, have you considered augmenting the design to accommodate panel mounted 5pin MIDI and 1/4 TRS sockets where its angled at the bottom?. Could be a game changer of a dock style stand that provides standard connections without the need for adapters (outside of 90 degree cables which provide connections to the sockets - similar to what you did with the USB-C power).

Ha, that would be the PRO version for sure @michaelmauve

I did start thinking about a dock-style sort of upgrade of the case, but not sure I’ll find the time to actually try it. Would be great though to not having to unplug everything everytime one by one when taking the Play out of my synth rig.

Have you tried designing a decksaver kind of protective cover for it. It would be nice to be able to print one instead of paying $60…

thank you for your great work!

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thanks for this @Mattes it’s a beautiful design. I’m going to get it printed up for my play.

how much should this generally cost to print? so far I’ve gotten a quote for like €160 :sweat_smile:
I’m trying a few more places n putting the feelers out for mates who might have a printer.

Thanks again

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Omg, it should definitely not be anything near the price you mentioned! Material cost for this is literally just a few euros, so definitely try to find someone who can print this for you for couple of beers :sweat_smile:

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haha, I know wtf like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

just found a local guy is going to do it for €20.

thats more like it :slight_smile:

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does this sound about right?

“PLA+, 2 walls thick, 30% infill and 0.20mm layer height”

Yea, that’s pretty much how I printed it as well. It has a little bit of wiggle room to slide it on easier.

I glued two small circular rubber feet from 3M into the small circle indents in the center and thereby you will have a nice tight hold when pushing it in.

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lovely stuff. I’ve got some sticky-back felt n stuff, I’ll do something similar. thanks Mattes

o sh1t :wink:

[just waiting on the battery pack to arrive]

@Mattes thanks again for your generosity sharing your design. it’s beautiful. I’ll like to buy you a beer :beers: