Play+ pattern lasting 13 bars. how to make 4 bars long?

on play+ I have a pattern with track lengths ranging from 64, 16, 9, 8, and 13 steps. polymeric synth lines and that. one or 2 different playback modes in there too.

the pattern lasts 13 bars before it loops. I guess this cause that’s the first time they all sync up.

I want it to loop at 64 steps (4 bars).
is this possible?

[the manual says the master pattern length is determined by the longest track length. in this case that would be 64 (4 bars). exactly what I want it to be. unless my polymeric tracks / play modes are messing that up.]

There is a wish for this kind of problematic :

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ahhh, man that sucks. it makes composition creation near impossible if you use odd track lengths.

well, you just got another vote for your wish.

cheers, Galak

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I’ve been testing it n it’s more the track speeds that mess with the pattern master length. if u have a 64 step pattern but then stick a track on 1/16th speed to get some slow pads (for example) your pattern length extends. so if you want to have detailed drums that don’t repeat themselves while the slow pads play you’d have to shorten that slow track to 4 steps for it to loop at 64 step pattern length. if you have the slow track at 8 steps your pattern will loop at 128 steps, so the drum track will loop twice.

I guess at least in my situation I have to cut my slow tracks up in to separate patterns, so my drums don’t repeat. if you don’t mind your drums repeating in a pattern it doesn’t matter so much.

I don’t see much that can be done, you just have to be aware of not extending any slow tracks past the longest track in terms of time. 64 steps at 1/1 = 4 steps at 1/16th, and 8 steps at 1/8th etc.

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its also possible to set some steps with a chance to make your pattern always sound different . chance options offer alot of posibilities for i dont want that my pattern repeats problem :slight_smile:

true true. with this issue it was basically if using some slower speed tracks the pattern will last till the slowest one finishes. so faster tracks will repeat until that point. makes perfect sense, good to know tho.