Play locking during loading screen when loading sample to pool

Bug Description

describe the issue you encountered and what is the correct behavior which you expect

I experience freezing when loading a sample from my SD card randomly. I expect to not have any issues loading files from the unit.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Start loading files into my sample pool into folders named accordingly. There is no deterministic way of telling when it will freeze the Play but usually above 20% sample memory filled will be when it happens for me.


Almost always if I fill the sample pool up. I can hard reset (unplug) the device to keep working, but attempting to add another sample repeats the bug. I use Samples From Mars almost exclusively and have had many hours and sessions with no issues. This loading glitch started during the latest firmware.

Found in

go to Config > Firmware page on your device and copy version / build numbers below

  • Version: 1.4.2
  • Build: 1297


simply drag and drop to upload or paste links to:
photos, short videos, and project folder (.zip format only)

I’ve been having this bug too lately. When working with samples from loopcloud in my case.

@here Thanks for reporting this. Please check if any of the files that caused the freezing have names with more than 32 characters. If so, shortening the names might do the trick.