Play locking during loading screen when loading sample to pool

Bug Description

describe the issue you encountered and what is the correct behavior which you expect

I experience freezing when loading a sample from my SD card randomly. I expect to not have any issues loading files from the unit.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Start loading files into my sample pool into folders named accordingly. There is no deterministic way of telling when it will freeze the Play but usually above 20% sample memory filled will be when it happens for me.


Almost always if I fill the sample pool up. I can hard reset (unplug) the device to keep working, but attempting to add another sample repeats the bug. I use Samples From Mars almost exclusively and have had many hours and sessions with no issues. This loading glitch started during the latest firmware.

Found in

go to Config > Firmware page on your device and copy version / build numbers below

  • Version: 1.4.2
  • Build: 1297

I’ve been having this bug too lately. When working with samples from loopcloud in my case.

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@here Thanks for reporting this. Please check if any of the files that caused the freezing have names with more than 32 characters. If so, shortening the names might do the trick.

The unit freezes no matter the filename size. Most of the filenames I use are less than 15 characters. Even the sample packs that come with the unit won’t load now.

I havent been able to use the unit at all since the latest firmware update and there is no access to the old firmwares to do a revert to test the unit further. It is unusable to me and I don’t know what to do.

I have filled out an RMA

I deleted the workspace folder as suggested in the manual and purposefully used the samples that come with the unit. Nothing works at all. It doesn’t load anything now. At least I used to be able to get about 20% of the sample pool loaded before this stuff started happening. Now it’s every time with an occasional sample loading into the pool, but usually only one per attempt.

It seems that somehow the filesystem on my SD card got corrupted while using it and the resolution to my issue was to load the SD card onto Windows, which prompted a disc scan and pop up that let me scan and fix the drive.

I did back up my entire SD card just in case I needed to reformat it back to Fat 32 MBR, but since it was already in that filesystem I didn’t need to format it. The scan and fix let the Play resume normal functionality and my freezing has stopped for now.

If I run into any similar issues in the future, I will be reformatting the SD card first to see if this fixes the issue and if not, I will be trying a new SD card because it seems that the issues of freezing are SD card related.

Thank you to @borsuk for all of your guidance in fixing the issue and giving me worst case failsafes if I weren’t able to fix it. Great customer service!

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