Play+ Lights staying on all the time

Bug Description

Five lights stay on all the time. I can’t get them to turn off even after creating a new project. These lights are the first thing to come on when I power on and the last thing to turn off when I power off.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Power on
  2. New Project loaded
  3. Old Projects loaded


*bug is reproducible always

Found in

go to Config > Firmware page on your device and copy version / build numbers below

Out of curiosity. Does this happen with an older version of the Firmware as well?
If so, i’m guessing this might be a hardware defect.

Yeah, it does. I’ve tried flashing between the older firmware and the new firmware and the same lights stay on.

I would get in contact with customer support then. This may just be a faulty unit.

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@dontspamjason Thank you for reaching out about this issue!
I just sent you an email, and let’s continue there.
I’m closing this topic since it’s clearly hardware related.

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