Play import sample packs

Hi i just had my play unit for a day. I can’t find in the manual how/where to import sample packs. Do i just dump samples/or packs in the card while play is connected to a computer?


take out the sd card n stick it in your computer (via an adapter). then drag & drop packs / samples / folders as you wish.

there’s a packs folder on the sd. navigate to that n drop packs in there.

Ok thanks. Need a adapter then.

you get one with the play. but if you only have usb C on your computer you’d need a different one.

I only got a card. I bought it used. Or you mean a card?
I just orderd a adapter/reader. No i have all three on my laptop… a. B . And C

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yea new polyends come with an sd card and a little usb adapter thingy so you can plug the sd card in to your computer.

I check the box if i missed it.

Nope. So i have to wait until i get a adapter from ebay.
I really like the Play. It will stay :slight_smile:


cool, glad you’re getting sorted anyway :slight_smile: