Play freezes when encountering a paused pattern on a chain

Bug Description

When on a chain and play is about to enter a pattern with all it’s tracks on pause, just before it enters the new pattern, it freezes. It should enter the new pattern an stop playback.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create a pattern
  2. Create a new pattern next to the first, and set all midi tracks speed to paused
  3. Select the first pattern and press shift + play.
  4. Wait until play freezes, disconnect the power and start over.


Happened once

Found in

V. 1.30



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@tprotopgr Thanks for reaching out about this issue.
However, I couldn’t manage to reproduce this bug. Could you please provide more info on this case?
F.e., attach the project. Any screenshots or videos would be appreciated.

Hey @borsuk, Ι tried to recreate it but, that time, was ok.
I loaded the project that use to do it, but it didn’t do it.
Sorry about the “happens all the time”, I didn’t try it on a fresh project and after a reboot.
I suppose it had something to do with the fact that I was working quite a few hours on the project (it was skipping the play-x skip-y command too).

If I encounter it again, I’ll make sure to provide videos and the project.


@tprotopgr thanks for your message. We’ll mark it as “not reproducible” for now and schedule for closing. Please report back if the issue happens again. Thanks for your support!

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