Play+ Firmware 1.0.1 - Built in Patch Editor

This is Play+ 1.0.1 public beta release which brings patch editing and saving functionality for the new Synth engines.

Besides the known issues listed below beware that beta release might introduce new bugs that may lead to loss of work, data corruption, performance degradation or crashes. If you run into any issues please share them with us by logging a Bug in Backstage. Thank you.


  • Synth patch editor
  • Synth patch saving and initialization
  • Synth patch saving and loading within projects


  • Sometimes LFO Ratio parameter value is not correctly loaded with the patch
  • Synth Macro names longer than 20 characters don’t display correctly on the screen UI
  • Sometimes after changing the synth Model and loading the first Patch on the list leaves the previous Patch name displayed
  • Bipolar macro value doesn’t get saved after using the Tempo knob to change it
  • Sometimes wrong Patch name is displayed after loading a project


  1. Download and extract: (1.1 MB)
  2. Copy the .ppf firmware file to your Play SD card > Firmware folder
  3. Optional: save your current project to avoid any potential data loss
  4. In Play navigate to Settings > Firmware > Update Firmware > .ppf file
  5. Click the encoder and confirm with Yes
  6. After update create a new project to initialize the config settings

If you are using the “.patchedit” file to edit synths please use this firmware instead, it is a much better experience.


Very strange I got my Play+ today, purposely messed around with it for like 10 minutes without updating it. The knobs seemed way less sensitive than the old Play I had to hit them with a lot more force to switch between the two function on the knob which I concerned a good thing.

Then I updated to the new firmware and the old over-sensitivity is back. I tried downgrading the firmware again and that didn’t revert it. So I went back to the newest from here again, but I’d love to have the knobs be less sensitive again like it did when I just turned it on. It required way more force to change and then somehow it went back to being super-sensitive.

Edit: someone in discord pointed out maybe its an effect from it being cold from having just been delivered in cold weather. That could be it, maybe we need water cooling mods for the knobs?

At least on my Play+, I found 2 issues with the beta installed:

  1. Only Synth 1 is sent out through USB audio channels 19+20, not all 3 synths as the manual says.
  2. USB audio channels 21-24 are no longer reserved :slight_smile:


Yes the 3 separate audio USB channels for synths works for me too, it’s nice for it to function better than the manual claims!

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Are we allowed to talk about this on our various social media platforms? I think the answer is yes but I do not want to get into any trouble. Thank you in advance.

I believe it’s safe, as the beta firmware is currently the only available firmware to download :slight_smile: Play+ Downloads • Polyend

If it’s public by Polyend then it’s public by Polyend and I’m sure they will be happy the more you talk about it. :slight_smile: