Play doesn't fully restore saved session in the performance mode

Bug Description

In the perform mode save → reset session doesn’t restore actively tweaked parameter. Also, I expected a saved session will restore any activated tracks and performance effects. This should be helpful for «drop» moments when you need to get the sound of your basic sequence as it is or, vice versa, to get the immediate performance effects for tracks.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Have playing sequence
  2. Enter the perform mode
  3. Select a track
  4. Save current state
  5. Start tweaking resonance, for example
  6. Restore state with no undo effect on resonance



Found in

  • Version: 1.4 (any, supposedly)

@ambivalence Thanks for reaching out about this. However, it’s by design that Save/Reset of the session doesn’t work in the Perform Mode. That was the idea from the very beginning. Perform is supposed to be a “go wild blank canvas". :slight_smile:

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@borsuk hm. any reason this design should help performing somehow? any specific scenario when the session restore would hurt in that mode? at very least taking resonance reset for example.

It obviously would only work for knob functions but if you quick copy your current variation into a new variation slot, then tweak (per your example) the filter resonance, then you could save that and use the variation select to go back and forth. This exact sort of scenario I believe is what variations are meant for. The functionality of all changes made in Performance mode going away when you exit is vital. I do believe there is a wish or a draft wish somewhere for making Performance mode changes “permanent” so to speak, so perhaps you might want to vote on that.

You have a point. But!

  1. Using variations means some of the performance pads won’t be available, as they overlap. It’s especially crucial if you have the enabled setting that activates all variations at once.
  2. If you tweak more than one track at once, you should have multiple copies/variations which means a lot of additional actions that should be done beforehand. Often you don’t even know if there’ll be a need for it during performance, if it’s not all planned. Also, activating them at once will be possible only at the end of a sequence. Let’s keep in mind that sequences may have different lengths and the reset won’t be in sync.
  3. All in all, it’s about inconsistency in the device’s behavior. The restore state function should reset everything, including knobs, and it does, but not in the performance mode for some reason.

The expected and desirable thing here is to reset knobs without losing activated performance pads. Hope this feedback helps, @borsuk.

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