Play bugging out- unusable

Hey all, yesterday I got my polyend play and I’m overjoyed by it! Except… after about half an hour of jamming on it I noticed that one of the pads in the select track row, the row to the far right, causes the entire machine to glitch completely flashing colours and deactivating most of the samples… it’s pretty much unusable given its current state… does anyone know how return policies work with polyend? Best regards

Hey @joelyholder123, welcome to the community and sorry to hear you have issues with your Play :heart:

You could always try flashing the firmware once more and start a new project to see if the issue still remains. If so - contact and they’ll sort you out.

Hey, I’ve tried flashing the firmware, even downgrading to 1.2 but nothing seems to work… seems like a faulty unit

Aww man, that sucks :people_hugging:. But then definitely shoot an email and i’m confident they’ll fix you up :heart:

Really hope so, already sent an email yesterday but no response yet… shame for such an expensive piece of equipment… thanks for your help!
I’ve attached a link to Google drive of a video of the mentioned faults, if you’re curious :slight_smile:

Oh shit that’s weird. :scream:

I’m sure you’ll get a response soon :crossed_fingers:


Hi @joelyholder123 , sorry you received a faulty unit. Today is public holiday in Poland, so please be patient for the reply from our customer support. They will help you out soon. Thanks for reporting the issue.

I understand, happy holidays! Hope to hear from you soon :blush:

Hi @joelyholder123! I already answered your email. I will close this topic, and let’s arrange the exchange there :slight_smile:

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