Play+ -> BehringerX32 (AudioUSB)

Hey Polуend team (Borsuk, Miropoly, Mitch, Dan.lgrnd, and everyone else I haven’t had the chance to meet yet),

I hope you’re working on new updates and also finding time to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

I continue to study and delve deep into Play+… I’ve stumbled upon an interesting case (perhaps an issue, perhaps not) for consideration regarding AudioUSB (yes, I know it’s a painpoint, forgive me).

After experimenting with ASIO4ALL, CoreAudio, PulseAudio, Alsa, Jack and so on, I’ve realized that I can’t properly use all tracks simultaneously for dawless recording. After some thought, I attempted to connect Play+ to a multitrack recorder (Behringer X32). Usually, I had no issues with it(iphone/ipad/macos/windows/linux work everywhere) until I realized it doesn’t provide power via USB (Type-A USB 2.0). After trying all available cables, I finally managed to find a solution that can combine external power and provide data (if anyone needs it, it’s here:, but Play+ still doesn’t seem to send a signal for some reason… or maybe it’s an issue with the X32 and it can’t accept it. Perhaps the team can come up with something to investigate, have ideas, suggest something to try, or recommend a different multitrack recorder… or mixer of some kind…

If anything, I’m just dissecting this case and not pushing for upgrades/fixes or anything to be done… just analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the device… after all, I can wait for “Play+ 2.0 Pro” if this turns out to be a hardware issue or requires complex solutions.

Have a good evening.

Very interested in this as well, I have a berry digital rack, works flawlessly with the akai range apparently via USB … be bit of a bummer to find out the play doesn’t play nice :wink:

And without stealing the thread/topic, /hope the author doesn’t mind, it’s related to USB audio.

And that is; how realistic is class compliant audio option? I mean is it closely related to USB audio, can we expect this as an option? … many of us are working in the analog domain and would love to treat play via separate outs…

if pro version comes in the future I would suggest ADAT strictly for audio purpose, it’s simple and void of class compliant issues.

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