Play+ and iphone

Just got myself a play+. I was wondering if there’s anything extra I need to do to be able to take audio over usb to an iPhone 14 pro max? I’d like to be able to capture audio / record video with the phone directly from my play+ is this possible?

I’ve tried with a thunderbolt /usb- c cable into the play plus bit nothing happens. Meaning I can’t power on the play? Wrong cable or is this an iPhone thing?


I don’t think this is possible. I think you need a phone with usb c in order for this to work. I have an older iPhone with lightning and can test. This does work with iPhone 15 but understand there are some quirks related to audio. There’s a thread about streaming audio over usb that is discussing.

Plugged in to the iPhone 11using a CCK apple and third party dongle. One test, powered up the play, could hear through play speakers, turned camera on to record and no audio came through. Tried a second time with both dongles and could not power up the Play.

I do not believe you will get what you are looking for with a phone using a lighning port, even with external power. Someone else might try and get it to work. I don’t think it’s the best experience.

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Does this topic help?

Thanks for your efforts, I’ve bought an apple camera kit to try anyway though, should arrive today

Thanks for this, as mentioned above, just bought an apple camera kit, should arrive today so fingers crossed

I agree and confirm on this: " you need a phone with usb c in order for this to work". :slight_smile: