Play + and External Synths

I am a guitarist looking to create drums and synths with my lack of real playing skills in these areas. I did not purchase my play + yet (which has its own synths) but I was wondering if people feel that they also need to use external synths with it. Is using the play + with a Roland SH-4D or a Digitakt 2 overkill or a necessity for real music production.

Well i like the FM Synth on Play + but getting bettre results with VSTs like U-He Hive. I have some Hardware Synths but currently no Mixer so i cant combine it. I am not the biggest Fan of the Virtual Analog synths on Play +

It depends on what you’re trying to get from it and how high the bars are for you quality wise - I do feel my external synths add to the setup - not just sound-wise but also control without the menu-diving. I currently have my Iridium hooked up to adding 2 amazing synth channels to the Play+. Downside is that this makes it less portable to use. What I’d do is use the built-in synths as placeholders and switch them over when back in the studio to use the Midi ports instead.

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The user experience from using a vst to onboard synths on the Play+ is going to be a very different experience, you can’t compare in that sense and there is no point doing a comparison, as your vst synths are generally doing 1 specific job, a DAW vs a hardware groovebox is very different and so it should be, it’s the very reason why I didn’t really enjoy using the Akai MPC’s.

Play+ is great for getting tracks together quickly, there is nothing like it for me and I’ve created far more ideas and projects on this and the OG Play than sitting tapping a mouse on the laptop.

Saying that though, when it comes to expanding on ideas I do like that fact I can just connect the Play+ directly to the laptop and only require a single usb-c cable for powering the Play+ and for both midi and audio routing, same goes when connecting to the ipad.

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I am trying to go dawless so I am just interested in hardware

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