Performance Mode - step repeater for midi out may cause an issue

Bug Description

Step repeater in Performance Mode doesn’t send MIDI event Note-Off with notes.
Some external devices blocks in such a case. Especially some monophonic generators.

Reproduction Steps

Insert one note into empty track with instrument M01.
Start playback and make sure it plays sound on external instrument on channel 1.
Stop playback after hearing four notes.

MIDI events were sent to external instrument:

Every note is preceded by Note-Off event at the same time (except first note, fortunately Stop sends Note-Off).

In Performance Mode add Step Repeater effect with value 2.
Start playback and apply effect on track with one note M01.

MIDI events were sent to external instrument:

MIDI event Note-Off before every Note-On generated by repeater is missing.
That hangs many monophonic generators on constant sound.
Restarting playback doesn’t fix anything because first note on Start is sending without Note-Off.
I’m aware OFF sends Note-Off but it’s impossible to place it before first note in track.

A little bit off this topic:
I’ve noticed OFF sends Note-Off G8. Does it off all notes?
If it does wouldn’t it be a good practise to send it with every playback start.


Every time. Depends on external instrument.

Found in

  • Version: 1.7.1
  • Build: 561


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Hmm… i’m not sure if this should be considered a Bug or an actual Wishlist wish. @miropoly, what do you say?

@Sandroid It looks like a Bug to me.

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I’m not an expert but I guess MIDI Note-Off should be sent with and before every MIDI Note in general.
Even if there is no OFF in a track.


hey @pitmast , i’ve moved this into the Bug category, please update the description with the necessary information so we have a complete bug report :heart: