Performance mode: customizable effect values

When in performance mode there is a bunch of predefined effects that can be used, and that’s already great. There should be the ability to customize the values of each effect assigned to each button/trigger. (e.g. instead of having a cutoff increment of +10% for each button, having the buttons start from 60 and increment by 5% each in the hi-pass filter).

What is the problem?

in some cases the default value of button increments are too wide or too narrow to take full benefit of the chosen effect.

What do you want to achieve?

The best would be to fully customize each button value for each of the predefined effect, by manually being able to specify the chosen value for each of the 8 buttons. Another desired implementation approach is to have the ability to set the desired MIN and MAX values for the chosen effect and then having the Play automatically calculate the increments for each of the 8 buttons available, by evenly distributing those across the available buttons (so for example i could set a min value of 60 and a max value of 100, then play would take the 40 desired possible values and assign to each button an increment value of 5 - since there are 8 buttons available for each effect).

Are there any workarounds?

No workarounds that i’m aware of, so at the moment I have to use the predefined values that sometimes are not suited for the needed effect to be useful.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

No other product has a performance mode similar to the Play one, right? It’s a unique selling point.


Interesting suggestion!

While it is true that this Performance mode is quite unique, somehow your wish reminds me to Bitwig’s operators.

Evenly… or not? Imagine you could also define the curve. See in their manual, Bitwig >> Operators >> Repeats >> Repeat curve. Forget about the repeat, it’s the curve what is relevant for this wish.

On Bitwig, users move a slider left or right to set that curve (0, the middle, is even distribution of values). Back to the Play, in theiry the curve could be set with a know, where 0 would be the default value and then you could go -127 / +127 or something.

See the repeat curve in action here:

this also makes a lot of sense… linear (evenly) was my top of mind, but now that i think about it when for example I apply a high-pass filter the pace of the effect is never linear: it starts small and then over time it increases faster so the idea to have an adjustable rate is even much better :slight_smile:

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My current workaround for this would be to turn the filter knob in performance mode to sweep the filter more precisely, then you can still punch out of performance mode without altering your pattern. This wouldn’t be a workaround for every performance mode effect though.

Yes, this would cover a use case where you need to alter a single parameter… and it would be less precise (and would make jumping to a specific value immediatelly not possible or much less precise)…

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