Performance FX to usb audio stream / midi clock slave

Hello world!
Do the performance fx effect the stereo master track or (hopefully) the 8 single audio tracks while streaming audio via usb to a daw? - and is Play+ able to act as and midi clock slave via usb while streaming audio via usb to a daw?
Cheers, Mario

Hey @mario , welcome to the the community! :partying_face:

Short answer: yes to all of this :laughing:

Thanks for your feedback :pray:t3:
After researching a lot, i decided to purchase a second hand OG Play for a passable price first. I‘m very interested in the development of the Play+ and i‘ll gladly follow it‘s progress - but i‘m too old and lazy to pay that dough for acting like a beta-tester as i have done many times before i got uncomplaining. I’m very looking forward to enjoining the plus of the Play+ (or probably) a MK2) sooner or later!
So move on, enjoy your work and progression and give your goods near to your bests :wink:

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No, only the first 5 effects go to the seperate single tracks.
Reverb, delay and looper are on the master only.
But reverb and delay have a seperate track and looper is a mastereffect anyways