Perform mode: selecting more tracks w/o being affected by currently applied effects

What is the problem?

Sometimes you apply some cool stuff on your drum section and then you’d like to select some melodic tracks to apply some different perform effects as well. Currently, you cannot.

What do you want to achieve?

It would be a great to be able to select more tracks without applying the same effects to all of them, kinda layered way. This is the way the knobs work: when you filtered something out, for example, and then select an additional new track, it won’t be filtered/affected straight away. Instead, you’ll see ~ symbol which stands for different settings.

Maybe some global option and/or shift + select track could work. For example, in the shift + select track scenario you could make use of both stacked and separated way of applying the effects. Could be a gamechanger.

While the main wish here is to apply new effects to new tracks without affecting previously selected and still active tracks, it could be even better to choose either to apply a new effect only to the last selected tracks, or to all of them, including the previous ones (shift + an effect pad, if some tracks were selected with shift, for example).

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

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@ambivalence Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, we have to decline your wish because of technical limitations.

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