Perform mode: Ability to highlight certain pads for each project

Depending on the project’s patterns, some pads in Perform mode produce great effects/variations, others don’t. It would be incredibly useful to be able to highlight the pads you want to “favorite” (make them appear a bit brighter, or something similar) so that when you’re in a live situation it is easy to hit the right pads while performing. I propose a simple shift-pad (for example) way of highlighting pads in Perform screen, which would get saved with the project.

What is the problem?

There are many pads and they are very close together, also it is hard to remember what pads work best for each project/pattern.

What do you want to achieve?

Higher probability of “successful” FX application in Perform mode. More intuitive flow in Perform mode.

Are there any workarounds?

Make and print out (hardcopy) a “performance sheet” for each project?

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Or totally switch off any you dont want to use?
That way it makes it even harder to accidently hit the wrong ones.

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Yes! Good idea!

Great idea @schillp5!

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@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

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But dont feel like changing the wish?

@env I’d like to leave it up to the Polyend team to see which direction they want to take it

Yeees! This is a great idea, it would really be nice to flag your favorite effects on the perform view!

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@djenzar remember to vote for it here: Perform mode: Ability to highlight certain pads for each project

(click the Vote button at the top left)

Yep, I know, I’m just waiting to hopefully have some vote slots freed with the next tracker release :star_struck:

Or instead of turning the pads off completely, put configlurable shortcuts for fx combos on them. Pressing one pad would then turn several fx on and the user decides which ones those would be for the particular pad. That would be very useful as some fx presets work well in conjunction. This is how custom perform mode should work in my opinion.