Pattern Play Mode

Where can I find information on the polyend tracker performance mode “pattern play mode” Custom C1 to C20? There’s no information in the appendix . Thank you

Hey, I bought the Synthdawg ‘Tracker Notebook’ when it came out (it doesn’t appear to be available on their site any more, don’t know why) and it has a section on it:

(I don’t know if it’s OK to just copy-paste this here, I figured since the Notebook can’t be purchased on the site any more it should be fine but if not please let me know, or a mod can remove it!)

So they effect the second and third row etc of the performance mode??? V confusing

Thank you for this

this was the section in Tracker Mini Manual (it’s worded exactly as @hfos pasted it above) that I couldn’t understand. The so called 20 custom algorithms C1-C20 “that allow pattern mixing based on predefined shuffling of existing patterns” are not explained anywhere in the manual.

could someone from Polyend point us to place where these custom predefined algorithms are explained?

otherwise, the manual is very well written.

i just managed to test these algorithms by assigning them and turning them on in performance mode and it seems like they are different ways how the tracker jumps around the pattern using different algos… yeah. it’s some kind of rhythmic stutter effect, a second level step repeater or glitch effect.

Is it like the play modes on Play?