Parameters/Rules for Chance to follow

This seems like a no brainer but having random note chance and no guideline to follow seems a little silly. I think it should be kind of like the tracker where your able to set some basic parameters for the chance to follow. For an example Chance note is C4 maybe you only want random notes up to C6 and don’t want any of the lower octaves.

Also speaking for a couple of the other chance events too.

I like the random stuff but its a little much when your trying to have a random bassline and have couple notes hit 5 octaves above etc.

I might make a wish for this one, seems important to me enough as I really like the chance/random factor of the play, the way it can surprise you with its controlled randomness.


While I would have a hard time seeing some elaborate setup page for Chance with a bunch of parameters, I have in times wished that I had a way to apply an offset or a min/max value to some of the Chance options. Maybe we could meld our brains together and come up with a cool wish! I already have an idea or 2 :slight_smile:

Pretty much what you said is what I was thinking of, I was just laying it out so people understood what I was talking about as you did!

But yeah I would be down to come up with some stuff with you for sure. We can use this thread for an idea pad. All are welcome to add some ideas and maybe we can come up with a great plan for a wish. Simple and functional!


Hello to all,

New here, so here’s my first post :wink:

Received my Play just a couple of days ago, so still discovering all ins and outs. What I already love about it is the ‘instrument-like’ interface, so no menu diving or overly complicated button combinations. I hope Polyend will manage to keep it that way, while still expending its functionality more and more towards the Tracker.

Maybe the device state could be used to implement this kind of features? For example, with the new Piano Roll View activated, touching and holding the Chance/Action knob would temporarily change the grid pads’ function to defining a min-max note range. Same could work for velocity.