Panning LFO Speed - how


I have a question.

For note on every step and Panning LFO (Square, 1 step, 100) I do not have panning PingPong.
But for note every 9 steps with Panning LFO (Square, 6 steps, 100) I have.
Why? How does it work exactly.

Can you attach project file?

Yes, sure, here is: (63.4 KB)

Very simple, one short sample, pattern length=9, LFP speed has to be 6 to hear ping-pong effect.
Try to change pattern length to 6, test with various values, change song speed.

Beside, looks like shape (square length int this example) depends on song speed.
Is it correct?

It happened few times - after loading the project couldn’t hear a sample on track 1, had to move it to track 2.

If the LFO square wave contains one low and one high value, then after stretched it on 2 steps (LFO speed 2) we expect ping-pong with notes on every step. Isn’t it?
But it doesn’t behave like this.

I’ve found in docu square wave contains two lows and two highs.
So the ping-pong effect appears after stretched it on 4 steps (LFO speed 4).

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