Ordering a Play Plus, wanting to run Eurorack stuff

Hey guys, ordered the Play+ on an impulse. Later finding out it has zero gates. Clearly panicking a bit cause i do a lot of modular. Then i realized i have the Poly Hector, which i can use as midi to cv trigger/gate. Let’s wait and see if this is going to work. I really want to work with that sequencer!


Oopsy :face_with_hand_over_mouth: … but as you say, with the hector you should be fine for a bit.
There’s a ton of dedicated MIDI to CV stuff out there, in case you want to have something more permanent in the future, here are some recommendations:

I would love to say to look out for a Polyend Poly 2, but those are discontinued and hard to find nowadays :sweat_smile:

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Oh and where are my manners :man_facepalming:

Welcome to our community! :partying_face: :hugs:

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Funny thing, the subject of this topic was “Oopsy”. But i changed it :joy:

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I did find a Poly 2 last night. This guy was asking €350, which is a bit steep i believe.

Yeah that seems to be the regular second hand going price for the most part. If i didnt’ have a Poly 2 i would definitely go for one of the two modules i’ve linked in the previous comment. They are solid and highly customizable :muscle:

@Maple just curious, have you sorted out everything with the Play Plus and Eurorack?

@Maple I run 2 Univer Inters and they work flawlessly with the Polyend gear.

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Super budget version here - I run midi out via the Behringer CM1A from polyend stuff into Eurorack but thanks to this thread I now know that the Mutant Brain exists so I’ll be adding that to my list of future purchases.

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Using an Expert Sleeper’s ES-9 for my Midi/CV conversion but it’s a hefty price to pay if that’s all you want. With that said, It’s an amazing Audio Interface for Modular if ever someone needs that.