One instrument replaces others in the Instrument list

Bug Description

The sample in instrument slot 3 has somehow been recorded into the samples on instrument slots 1 and 10. I did not expect this to happen, and was quite puzzled how it occurred.

Reproduction Steps

I honestly have no idea how to reproduce this, sorry! I originally thought this was user error and opened the manual to Live Recording, but it seems like that should only effect the sequencer.

All I can offer is I believe this happened after using the Sample Editor. I think I noticed it after using the fade in or out effect. However, I was also using the Chorus effect, but only previewed the sample without committing.


Has happened twice, to the instruments in slot 1 and 10.

Found in



I am unable to upload the project as it’s 7.4mb and I’m limited to 4mb. I can delete the other instruments in the project and upload? I only noticed the issues with instrument slots 1, 3, and 10 so that may be a work around.

Here is the reduced version with only the affected 3 instruments:
wtf dubs (2.9 MB)

Hi @harryhood , sorry you’re having issues with the Tracker but I’m having a hard time understanding what the problem is. Could you please rephrase it and try to include more exact steps you’re doing on the Tracker and what happens / what you expect to happen.

For example I do not understand what this sentence means. Sorry :blush:

Thanks for your support!

Your best bet will be to open the project and listen to the audio. This is a really messed up bug that leaves the instrument essentially useless.

Hi, I already did this and I’m sorry but I cannot see anything wrong in the project you attached. Please help us understand the issue with describing what’s wrong in more details. I’m sorry I am not able to help you faster and thanks for understanding

oh for real? The samples in slot 3 is NOT copied into instruments 1 and 10 for you? OK I will look into the project again! That is highly confusing I’m not really sure what to say…

EDIT: I am absolutely perplexed - going back into the project shows no issues now… and I tested that yesterday by turning off and on and got the same results… even looking at the waveform yesterday I could cearly see that sample 3 was now inserted into samples 1 and 10. Like I could SEE the hard stop and where the sample inserted itself! I even thought to take a picture with my phone since this behavior was all so strange… and I KNOW I tried a hard reset before sending the file yesterday… I am so sorry I wish I knew what was going on here to help :frowning:

Hi @harryhood , I am sorry for your frustration. Please let us know if you run into this problem again and we can deal with it. I will close it in the meantime as ‘not reproducible’, is that OK with you? If you have any other suggestion, let us know and let’s take it from there. Thanks for reporting it nevertheless and sorry we couldn’t help this time.

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P.s. I will also update title to help us find it in the future, if the issue comes up again. I hope I understood it correctly. Feel free to correct me if I didn’t :blush:

Thanks @miropoly really appreciate your empathy and understanding :pray:
I cannot express how confused I am and will definitely follow up with better details if it happens again!

Haha that title does sound better, I was having a really difficult timing finding the right words to explain it even, it seemed like an overdub was happening, but overdubbing is not an available operation in the tracker and felt like the correct word at the time :melting_face: What threw me off is the recorded over insturment slots would still contain the beginning and end of their original sample. Moot point though I will follow up if I re-encounter.

Thanks again!

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