OG tracker has 12 tracks in the comparison list?

Looking at the new Tracker plus I was confused with the 12 tracks number in the comparison list?
Have I been missing out on something, is this a mistake, an upcoming update, …


I also noticed that and came here looking for answers…

Sounds like Polyend have lots to talk about at Superbooth this week :star_struck:


I am putting my money on the addition of 4 midi only tracks.

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Ok, it looks like +4 midi tracks has been confirmed via the Polyend Tracker Discord, nothing else was shown there, but an additional 4 midi are in the works!
I’d say it’ll become clear during Superbooth.
Can’t expect any other big things as we already know the og Tracker hasn’t got the power for much more. But glad to see it might still get some updates. Hopefully it’ll make me get it out again a bit more :wink: Tracker was like my second piece of gear. Medusa followed shortly after. Medusa is unfortunately not been developed further, I still play it and l bought it before the fm engine was added, I never expect to get more than what’s included after buying something, so I’m always very grateful. And after a few years I finally found the ‘hidden’ snake.
Tracker+ looks even more fun, but I’ll just be glad with this free extra!


looking through the mini’s current full manual, polyend says it currently has 12 tracks (for audio over USB) 8 individuals, 1 master, 1 effects, 2 “reserved”

Yes your right on that point. What’s being discussed in this thread is the # of Tracks (lanes) to compose on within the Tracker itself.

I think that’s a very safe bet. The Tracker+ has 8 audio tracks. I couldn’t see a world where the OG Tracker has more audio tracks than the Plus.

Those extra tracks will be golden to pair with my Digitone :slight_smile: Much appreciated :metal::metal: