OG Tracker and Renoise

Does anyone here use Renoise? I was considering getting it with a view to potentially exporting projects from my Tracker to work on them in Renoise so that I can use VSTs, add more tracks etc

Possible? Ideally I wanted to export projects so that things like sliced breaks are all preserved.

I know you can now export in .it format again since the 1.8 update but just wasn’t sure how well that worked and whether it worked in Renoise specifically…

Grateful for any insight - thanks

Hey there, i’m not using Renoise much these days anymore, but i have tried what you are asking before.

You can use the .it export to bring some parts of the Tracker Project to Renoise. That means: Patterns and samples. And by samples i mean the audio data only. Beat slices will not be exported/respected. You’d have to set those again yourself.

So i think at best that workflow can offer you a way to sketch a rough draft on the Tracker to complete then on Renoise. For anything else i feel it would be easier to just export the stems and work with those directly in a new Renoise project.

You can always give it a try. Renoise has a trial version.

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Ahhh ok. That answers my question as I was looking to export the slice info too as it’s a load of chopped breaks. Good to know, thanks :pray:

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I think an easy way to transfer the project from the tracker to Renoise is not achievable for now, but hey, some .pti specs and tools are on Github (go there and search for Polyend), and for Renoise there is custom scripting support via Lua, so “it’s possible”, maybe with some effort, coding, coffee, and sleepless nights…

But practically nothing is feasible right now, so your best bet (and mine too, we are on the same boat) is to make tracks on Polyend as-is, and on Renoise as-is.

If you are in doubt whether to get Renoise or not, give it a try, because what I can say is that it is the best modern tracker with a unique workflow, and it even runs on a Raspberry Pi!

Cheers mate!

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Yeah at this point I’m thinking I’d sooner invest in Renoise than something like the Tracker+, purely because it’s cheaper and I have a computer with plenty of power to run it and various plugins etc.

I love my Tracker; I still maintain there’s no faster way to make amazing beats, but I just found myself hitting a few limitations on channel number etc that meant I was ideally needing to port it over to something else with the same approach but less limitations. Renoise feels like that, at least in the sense that it’s a tracker anyway.

I wasn’t aware it had a trial version though, so I’m gonna dive in. It’s super reasonably priced too, which is great.

Thanks for the intel!

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