Notifications of new chat messages are hard to see due to light grey color

Bug Description

Backstage includes chatrooms. There is a bubble icon :speech_balloon: on the header where users can see when they have chat notifications. However, the circle indicating new messages has almost the same light grey color than the bubble, and you need to pay attention to see it, or have your eyes trained to notice the circle.

This change of color (Discourseā€™s default is blue) is a collateral and probably unintended result of Backstageā€™s custom design. See this post to see how to change the color of the circle.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Have someone post something on Chat #General.
  2. See the grey circle on the bubble icon in the header.


Always for general chat messages.

Direct messages are seen with Discourseā€™s default green, which is visible and good.

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