No generative / random features for Play+ synth patches?

Based on the demos I’ve heard, the + synth engines sound very good, but according to the Loopop overview (youtube), it’s limited to only one patch per synth (3) in a project…“The generative features based on samples and folders, randomize, chance, etc. are what make Play special…and won’t work on the synth side…”

I totally agree and being able to shuffle or randomize patches every hit or note (similar to Novation’s AFX Mode) would be fantastic.

Does anyone know if this is a hardware limitation, or just the current + firmware?


Mostly firmware limitation, although the randomize patch every hit is probably not possible. It is limited right now but some randomization parameters do work there just aren’t as many, there are plans to make it work the same as the sample side where you can randomize most parameters.
For the macros - you can randomize and chance whatever macro is set to the filter cutoff cc. So if I want something randomized on a synth patch I assign it to the filter cutoff cc macro in the patch editor.


Looking fwd to trying it out. I say the more of these features (parameter, patch, randomization, etc.) the better. It’s one of the key reasons i love the Play - thanks for the response :v:


here are some ideas on which randomization (I’m talking about the Randomize knob specifically) options the Synths/MIDI side could have:

  • Synths slots (similar to the Sample in Folder randomization)
  • Reverb and Delay (similar to the Space randomization)
  • Chords
  • Chord inversions
  • Note length
  • All the macros (currently only FIlter CC can be randomized)
  • Micromove

Speaking of Chance, it could be just all the macros including Velocity. Yeah, I know that the Filter macro can be randomized, but that limits users to only one possible randomization option per a synth patch.