No FAT on my device

Bug Description

  • FAT not on my device

Reproduction Steps

  1. No FAT from synth/ settings menu
  2. No FAT from MIDI view


  • always

Found in

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Build: 1354

@g.grunert Welcome to Backstage. Question, what do you mean by FAT?

That fourth synth

Doh, of course! Sorry, recently I had problems with an SD card and its FAT partition, and… :sweat_smile:

The three synths you see there are the three slots you have for synths.

If you click any of the three synths you have in that screen, you go to the screen where you cab select the synth you want for that slot. Click “Model” and then turn the big knob to select the model you want. FAT should be an option available there.

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thanks mate, there it is!

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