New Synth Engines Create Extremely Long Renders

Bug Description

When rendering a track that uses one of the new synth engines, the rendered output is upwards of 60 seconds. This means that the user can’t even open it in the Sample Editor to crop the sample down, plus the render time is very long.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create a new project with a synthesizer track using ACD, PERC, WTFM, FAT, or VAP.
  2. Select a sequence and use Render & Load
  3. Check the Sample Playback menu and view the length of the rendered output.


I have reproduced this across two projects with multiple instances per project. Using standard tracks with samples does not create the same issue.

Found in

  • Version: 2.0.0
  • Build: 995

Hi @toddmartinchristians , thank you for reporting this, we have it already tracked as Render selection creates excessively long samples so I will close your report as duplicate. Please follow discussion in the other topic on when it will be fixed. Thanks for your support!

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