New Play+ erratic behavior

my brandnew play+ seems to show erratic behavior.

loading demo projects loads the samples but pattern data stays to what was punched in before

Patterns screen also does not change and nothing happens when i press another white lit led…

samples - load sample pack shows nothing no sample packs
(i loaded ‘new project’)

saved projects dissapear

i reformatted the micro sd
reloaded the folder structure
more then once

later also replaced firmware

the folders: Projects, Sample Packs and Samples are grayed out when i look at them on mac after short use in the play+

Could this be caused by a bad micro sd card,
or should i return the play+?

i m running disc aid now. i don’t have a working spare micro sd and shops are closed here today.


Hi @iv0, needless to say, what you describe isn’t normal at all. I would contact Polyend support directly. If you are not familiar with the Play/Play+ workflow and you are not sure whether what you see is a bug or not, you could try to take a video and upload it somewhere, and we can help you figure out what is going on. I had some trouble understanding the problem(s) by reading your description.

i had a weekend of troubleshooting instead playing.

did i fix it?
what was the problem ?
the problem was that the product came with a shitty dysfunctional micro sd card
i bought a real san disc instead of the ali baba electronic waste

I think that my two trackers came with two SanDisk SD cards. It’s a shame that a groove box of 800 EUR came with a bad quality SD card. I’m thinking about purchase Play Plus but allways is a risk to buy the first units.

Some times small things like sd card might have QA issues, but it sounds like a minor issue, maybe contact them and they can send a correct card? I would not use this example as a reason to discredit company, errors occur, and this seems like a minor one. I am receiving mine today and will see how it works.

Yeah my play unit came with a sandisk sd, and my play+ came with one marked with a polyend logo which is nice won’t mix it up with other cards, I am assuming they are smart enough not to send a trash one when the cost of small sized SD cards is so low, however sometimes something will just be broken.

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I had the same issue with my new P+. A new SD card (Samsung 128GB) resolved it.

can we send out erroneous cards back for replacement ?

i do miss some confirmation from Polyend on this forum:

like: o what a pity we’re sorry. it has our attention yadayada

Contact them directly they are more likely to see it and respond that way.

Hey @iv0, sorry to hear you had issues with your SD card. Although it seems to be something that is having an impact on some users, there are also many of us using the SD card with the Polyend logo that came with the Play+ experiencing zero issues. I don’t say that to diminish in any way your frustrations or feeling of getting something that wasn’t working as expected, but some basic information could really go a long way to getting you the proper support.

From you initial post, @icaria36 replied advising you to contact support directly. Were you able to get ahold on support directly and have a dialogue with them?

As said i fixed it myself asap without anyones help. As ‘help’ came days later.
a quick direct link to how to get the right support would have been useful and would have felt empatic.

I’m sorry you didn’t get the help you were expecting. But that doesn’t give you the right to harass / belittle community moderators (that are not directly affiliated with Polyend by the way). So i would ask you to refrain from that.

We try to help were we can, when we can. So if you feel we failed you at that, then we are truely sorry. Since we are community moderators and not directly affiliated with Polyend, we also have no interest in selling units. We just want to grow a fun and helpful community around devices we enjoy ourselfs.

I’ll gladly help you with your issues - as far that is possible for me, if you point me to what other issues you are facing. I can guarantee you that we do not try to sweep anything under the rug.


Need help? • Polyend > “Contact support”.