My full setup : SH-4d, Reface DX, Tracker mini

Hi, I just wanted to share my setup, as this is typically what I was looking for when I was thinking about buying a Tracker mini.

Sometimes I use the Tracker mini alone, sometimes with one synth, but here is the complete setup :

The gears :

  • Roland SH-4D : 4 synth parts + 1 drum part
  • Yamaha Reface DX : 1 part
  • Polyend Tracker mini

Midi connections :

  • Tracker mini MIDI OUT to SH-4D MIDI IN
  • SH-4D MIDI OUT to Reface MIDI IN
  • Reface MIDI OUT to Tracker MIDI IN

Midi config :

  • SH-4D configured with “soft midi thru” (to pass MIDI IN to MIDI OUT)
  • Reface on midi channel 5
  • Tracker : midi instrument 1-4 for the 4 parts of the SH-4d, 10 for the drum part of the SH-4D, 5 for the Reface.

Audio flow :

  • SH-4D phone out to Reface Aux-in
  • Reface phone out to Tracker line-in (Tracker line-in unmuted)
  • Tracker line out to Headphones

With this setup, I can :

  • enter my notes with the Reface’s keyboard
  • create patterns with up to 6 midi instruments in parallel (5 synth + 1 drum)
  • play samples from the tracker
  • hear everything (synths + sample) on the headphones

There is lot’s of cables and adapters of course, but no wall plug involved, all the gear are battery operated.

I’m quite happy with all of this ! Hope this can help someone.


Very nice! Did I not see an extended photo of your setup that included an Analog Heat? I thought it was cool that I wasn’t the only person using Polyend boxes with the Heat!!

Nope ! Not me