Move and copy-paste a series of patterns in pattern view

Add the ability to select a range of patterns and move them, creating a gap in the place they where OR
copy-paste a series of patterns.

What is the problem?

In pattern view, if you decide that you want to add a pattern between some other patterns, you have to copy-paste one by one to another place, add the pattern where you want it, and then paste the next patterns from where you put the back in place.

What do you want to achieve?

To add a new pattern between other existing ones.

Are there any workarounds?

Manually, as I described.

Any links to related discussions?

found none

Any references to other products?

not that I know of


Thanks for the wish @tprotopgr. Very clear and to the point. All the best!

how can this be on the wishlist?

Once us moderators have done our job :blush:

…you know…making sure everything is good with the wish and it’s understandable and complete…

The wish is sent in for Review by Polyend. Once it has been approved / accepted it will become ready for voting.

ah ok!
thank you

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@tprotopgr Thanks for your contribution, we think Song Mode would be a great way to solve your wish.
:slight_smile: That wish already is up for voting here: Allow patterns to play in certain orders and certain times - Song Mode


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