.mod file not using correct tempo/bmp

Bug Description

Some .mod files alway load with 130 BPM instead of applying the actual bmp/tempo of the file.

Reproduction Steps

See attached .mod file in this comment below.



Found in

  • Version: v1.6.0
  • Build: -


secret_kind_of_love.zip (123.4 KB)

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Hey @tokyoscarab , i’ve cleaned up your wish and put it into our wishlist template. Hope it still reflects your initial idea.

I’m at the moment not sure if this should be a wish or more of a bug/fix. But either way it would probably be great if you could upload one of the .mod files in question, that shows that behaviour.

Here is one of the files in question though the tempo issue seems to affect every mod file I’ve tried loading. There are some where it’s not as noticeable as others. I assume this is just due to the tempo on those songs lining up closer to the playback tempo of the tracker at 130. The piano notes in this song are where the pitch issues come into play. Something about the way glissando works on the tracker doesn’t seem to pair with it at all. I was able to remedy this by just completely removing the glissando effect on most of the notes that used them. I hope this can help make mod file importing work better in the future, thanks! :smiley:

secret_kind_of_love.zip (123.4 KB)

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Hey @tokyoscarab i’ve decided to make this a bug as well. Could you please update the post with the firmware version you are using? Thankies! Nevermind, based on your other Bug Report i noticed you are on the 1.6.0 Firmware. :blush:

Hi @tokyoscarab, I’m repeating the same message here as in the other bug report you submitted: thanks for reporting the issue and we’re sorry you’re having troubles. However, as stated in the user manual the Import Mod feature will not work 100% correctly for all cases out there. We don’t plan to invest further effort into it as we want to focus in other ways of improving our Tracker products, therefore I will close this report. I’m sorry and hope you understand.

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