Mini or tracker..?

Does the mini tracker sounding better than the tracker, because of stereo samples?

It really depends on the samples. Obviously a stereo sample can sound a lot better than a mono sample. But that does not always have to be the case.

For example, a bassline is maybe something you want to be placed dead center in your mix. Then a mono sample will do just fine.

Stereo however can sound more lively because of the subtle differences in the auditory field.

Yes, a kick or bass must be mono.But I think about to buy a play plus or a tracker mini, because of the stereo samples!
I have a play and a tracker now and I love them!
But I read a lot about the mini and the plus and my ,g.a.s., I on the ,phone, to me…
And I try to figure out, is it only gas or need I this gear too?!

I see :laughing:

I can’t really answer that for you. You’ll have to weight the Pro’s and Con’s for yourself.

With the Mini i feel it’s slightly more complicated. Since it’s a different formfactor, the workflow is definitely different.

Thanks a lot!
I’think’I’stay’by’my tracker for now .