Midi mode - different midi channel per track? Mixing audio and midi tracks?

Hi, i’m sorry if this is asked before. I’m interested in a Play and was wondering if you can set a different midi channel for the 8 midi tracks? So :

  • Midi track 1 on USB midi channel 1
  • Midi track 2 on USB midi channel 2

Just read the manual(I know, should have done that first), looks like it is possible.

But, can you setup 4 audio tracks and 4 midi tracks? Or 2 audio tracks and 6 midi tracks?

Any restrictions working in midi mode controlling external synths?

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This is possible yes. You can have 8 MIDI tracks and 8 Audio Tracks on the Play for 16 total.

The MIDI tracks are not channel locked, but can be set per step. So you could set track 2 to USB 1 and track 2 to USB 2, which is what I usually do for organization but you could have track 1 triggering USB 1 on some steps and USB 2 on others. There is a lot of flexibility with MIDI here.


If I understood you well, it is posible to set 2 audio tracks with 6 midi tracks?

Yes - the only limitation that exists is:

  • a maximum of 8 audio tracks
  • a maximum of 8 midi tracks

You can mix as many of each as you want.

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