MIDI Live Recording: Set MIDI Channel / Instrument automatically

What is the problem?

When MIDI In setting is set to Omni and you want to record Midi Note/Data for external gear, you still have to choose the MIDI Channel you want to send the Data to.

What do you want to achieve?

If the controller sends information from a specific Channel, it would be nice if the Play could detect that channel and auto-assign the MIDI Instrument Channel automatically, without the need to set MIDI USB/Jack 1-16 ourselfs.

For example:

  • Controller send Note Data on Channel 5
  • On the Play MIDI Jack Channel 5 is automatically set as target

It might be neccessary to have an option to choose if it should target Jack or USB Destination by default. This way it doesn’t matter what the incoming signal comes from.

Are there any workarounds?

None, currently before sending the MIDI, the user needs to change the source to match the desired midi channel manually.

Any references to other products?

Circuit tracks does this out of the box, it will record/audition on the track that has the incoming MIDI channel assigned.


I’m not sure i quite understand what the problem is.

If i understand you correctly, your wish is:

  • When sending on let’s say Channel 1 from Jack, you want the Play to automatically assign MIDI Jack 1 for the step
  • Or if Data is sent from USB Channel 3, the source should automatically be MIDI USB 3

Is that it?

Yes, the ultimate goal is to record different instrument without the need to manually change the source in the play. (they would be set externally)

I guess the “bigger” wish would be to be able to record multichannel/multi-track but maybe that’s for another topic. As an example, in Circuit Tracks, once you have the record button pressed, whatever data is coming from different MIDI channels gets recorded. (as far as they match the tracks MIDI channels)

Ok gotcha. I’ve updated the description slightly to make it (hopefully) easier to understand.

I do have another question though. There is still the complexity of whether it is supposed to send to USB or Jack MIDI.

Would the intended behaviour be, that if you receive a signal from USB Channel 1… that it would auto send to USB Channel 1 again? And if it receives a signal from Jack Channel 5, that it would send to Jack Channel 5 ?

What if you want to send MIDI from USB, but you actually want to route it to Jack?

That is a good question. I don’t have an answer for a clean solution. Maybe a “Default MIDI Jack” option ?

Ok, slightly altered the description once more. Hope that reflects your intended wish?

Its perfect, Thanks again, and thanks for your work on assisting with the request!

I do feel the wish feels a bit “hacky” though, but with the “pick and place” methodology I guess it is a challenge to achieve this workflow. Imagine, what would happen if you get notes in 2 channels at the same time? Ideally the play would record each data on a different step (providing there are armed tracks available) and each step would have the jack source set up automatically.

@baj Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design direction. :slight_smile:

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