MIDI lanes (tracks 9-16) do not consistently unmute

Bug Description

Added note on events in lanes 9, 10, and 11 of a track, and muted once on the Patterns page by shift-choosing the lanes. The tracks mute correctly. Shift-unmute does not unmute the lane after that.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Enter a note (C3) on M01 in Lane 9, followed later by a OFF.
  2. Begin playback. MIDI messages are correctly sent.
  3. Shift-Mute Lane 9.
  4. C3 note on is no longer sent as expected.
  5. Shift-Unmute Lane 9.
    Expected result: Lane un-grays and C3 sent to MIDI channel 1.

Actual result: Lane remains gray and no notes are sent to MIDI channel 1.


This was reproducible for me in one project on three lanes.

Found in

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Build: 955


202407xx midi 1.zip (3.5 KB)

Hi @kf6gpe , I am sorry you’re experiencing issues with Tracker. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the issue you’re having following the reproduction steps above. Also, in the project you shared, I cannot reproduce, but also don’t understand what the focus of the test should be? I see that Midi 9 and Midi 10 tracks in Pattern 1 don’t have Notes at all, just Instruments defined without a Note. Please explain further how the issue should be reproduced. Thanks for your support and logging the bug.

Ooh! Good catch on the missing notes in the minimal sample I uploaded.

Thanks for trying to repro.

I’m away form the tracker at present, but when I get to it — hopefully later tonight my time — I’ll add some notes again, test, and see what I get. If I can get a solid repro I’ll film a video and stick it on my gdrive for you.


Welp, I can’t reproduce it either. I’m going to chalk this up to operator error – maybe I was reading down the wrong couple of tracks? — and close the issue.


OK @kf6gpe , thanks for checking and letting us know. I close the issue.

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