MIDI interface for play+

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build a dawless setup with the play+ as the brain.
I want to use it to control a Roland Sd-04h, a hydrasynth Explorer and optionally Korg volca bass (just for fun).
Additionally I want to add a MIDI keyboard/controller that could play notes on all of the devices including the play+.

Any suggestions what MIDI interface would get the job done?

I’m currently thinking about ESI M4U ex. Although I can’t find it’s MIDI type online.

Another option I’ve been reviewing was Conductive Labs MRCC 880.

What do you think? Any experience with any of these devices?

Kisses and love :joy:

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I’ll recommend the Blokas Midihub, because i have experience with it:

I personally use this to route between a multitude of devices. It allows you to create “presets” of what your routings should look like (up to 8 presets) with a pretty simple editor and switch to those on the fly (yes you can run it standalone as well).

In my case i have two specific routings that i enjoy:

  • Tracker → to everything else
  • Play → to everything else

Here’s an example of my Play Routing:

(Each Row is a rule. Left is the Input. Right is the Output)

In this specific scenario, the Play is the master clock and transport. But both the Play and the Tracker can send MIDI to all other devices.

I usually tend to connect a controller directly to the device i want to play live into, outside of the Midihub. But you could easily create a routing where your controller can send data to ALL connected devices.

In my opinion one of the most flexibel devices. Only drawback in my opinion is that it only has 4 INs and OUT’s. But this could be alleviated by adding some mergers on either end. For routing purposes - atleast for me - this is plenty.

Another alternative would be the Retrokits RK-006. It’s feature wise very similar, but a bit smaller but uses TRS-A Jacks for connections.


I see that it’s linux compatible :star_struck:
It looks awesome!

I’m using Conductive Labs MRCC and couldn’t be happier. Very versatile routing options, (eg. one to many vs many to one). I use it to send midi pretty much e everywhere in the studio.

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I ended up buying the Conductive Labs MRCC 880.
Tge reason is that I want to spend as less time as possible on pc when making music.

So far I’m very satisfied. The setup was extremely easy.

There is a limitation in dawless you should concider when buyingmode. There are four inputs and four outputs.

@Sandroid thanks for the extensive insight.