Midi input notes options

wondering if people can help.

When i am inputting notes on the tracker , my process starts with disarming all the other tracks so that the midi doesn’t go on to them .

For example i want to work on a melody on track 1 and track one only.

As i am inputting the notes on to a specific track it reaches a point that it stops taking anymore notes, for ex if there is a step there from the previous pass no new notes will be recorded unless the steps are empty.

Is there any way that i can keep adding notes and the next new note replaces the old one. a bit like the octatrack.

At the moment if feels like once the notes are there you have to change the notes manually with the jog dial wich is ok, but i like the interaction with the pads.

is there something in a setting that i am missing somewhere?
or does this sound more like a feature request?

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Hi, you can’t replace notes while on live recording mode. A workaround may be recording the notes u want onto another track, then replace manually. :slight_smile:

thanks noir.

For some reason i thought maybe i had a setting that i changed somehow.

Since the tracks work in a kind of monophonic way , maybe this is more of a feature request, i think it would make it a faster workflow when working on drums and melodies, to replace notes, new one in old one out, specially when you are making electronica ish based music. some times i spend hours tweaking a set with the knob dialing amen breaks so that they sound as mad as possible.

it would be great to have the sound or slice ready and the tip of your finger and press it exactly where you want it to be replaced.

i will try this,

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yes, it’ll be really useful feature!:metal::metal: Have a great day dude!

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