MIDI CC sent via USB to Ableton

Bug Description

Sending CC values e.g. CC13 from Play MIDI channels to Ableton Live (so that I can control Ableton devices via Play), although Play display shows CC13 = 0, Ableton Monitor shows CC value = 4.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create one trig on one track
  2. Assign MIDI output to Jack / USB Channel
  3. Tap on Overdrive / Bit crush knob and select CC13.
  4. Monitor MIDI stream via MIDI monitor device in DAW
  5. Turn knob clockwise to increase CC value, then decrease until display on Play shows ā€œ0ā€.
  6. Check against CC value reported by MIDI monitor device


Bug is reproducible

Found in

  • Version: (1.2.0)
  • Build: (849)


@mikeksmith.online Thanks for reporting the issues. It will be fixed in the next Play update. Best regards.

@mikeksmith.online Hi! Iā€™m glad to inform you that the bug you found has been fixed in the Play 1.3 update!
Thank you for helping us improve the Play!


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