Metronome in Polyend Play

Is it possible to turn on the metronome on Polyend Play

Hi, as far as I know, the Play doesn’t have a metronome.

You probably have thought about this, but… you can build one easily, although it will cost you one track. :slight_smile: Just use a clave sample or anything percussive increasing the pitch.

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It’s a pity that you have to spend a whole track.
Maybe in the next update…?

Maybe… Do you want to create a feature request on Draft wishes ?

I think that this is not the most important thing in Play.
Much more I would like to see the visualization of sample clipping

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If you are not using the MIDI channels extensivly, you could sequence a metronome click from another synth or drum machine, etc. You would still use a track, but it’s a little bit cheaper, than using a sample track.

Other than both these workarounds, I’d mildly second this feature request, if I still have votes left.