Melodic fill generator

What is the problem?

We have amazing beat fills on the Play, how about these but geared towards melodic samples.

What do you want to achieve?

Play to generate melodic lines and sequences.

Are there any workarounds?

  • Live record
  • Step sequence
  • Use random fills
  • Use beat fills and chance sample

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?



@JCFAX81 can you (or anyone else) explain a bit what are you expecting from a “melodic fill generator”? Is this just about generating random notes in more tracks or something more? I mean, there are apps and plugins out there that make a business out of creating melodies for you. I guess you are not asking for that, but it would be good to set some basic expectations. :slight_smile:

Just yesterday a workaround was mentioned in a another topic:

Hi, basically I’d like to randomly generate melodic lines. At the moment I feel like the workarounds don’t really sound very ‘musical’.

I hope someone can articulate this in a better manner, as I struggle to put explanations into words.

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I mean, there are apps and plugins out there that make a business out of creating melodies for you.

Yeah but with Play being a groovebox, a user shouldn’t have to break flow, to open a laptop->Daw->vst plugin, to generate an idea just so they can use in Play, I would say those plugins are mainly directed for Daw use.

I think what is being expressed here is a feature to maybe assist in creating more musical sounding single track riffs/melodies, as the Play is monophonic there is no current feature to input or record directly chords or more than one single note per step, unless the user has imported these pre-created samples elsewhere, it would maybe be helpful to be able to maybe record this and save it as a new sample in the project directly?

Some additional wishlist proposals I am going to add are for an arpeggiator which would allow a user to hold chord notes on the keyboard and Play record these notes one by one onto a tracks subsequent steps with different note order modes being selectable on the arp.

A chord mode for audio samples, similar to what is currently available for midi tracks and finally asking if the full 16x8 grid can be used a keyboard, when a scale and key is selected, the keyboard would highlight root notes and display notes in that selected scale and key.

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I wasn’t suggesting specialized VSTs as an alternative. I am just curious about how complex would this melodic fill generator is in your mind, to reflect this better in the wish.

The Play can already randomize steps and notes. What is missing?