Medusa Meeting Point

Dreadbox & Polyend Medusa fans, this is our place to meet! Any Medusa performances, tips, questions or just chit chat are welcome. If there are topics that emerge and grow, we can always spin them off into their own topics.

PS: this is a wiki post that anyone can edit.

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Jamuary is a month a high musical production, and I could spot some videos featuring Medusa in the past weeks. I’m curious if some of those creators will find this meeting point and share their music. :slight_smile:

I just found something different, though. A mix with voice and strings that features the possibilities of modulation of the Medusa pad.


I’ve seen that video, too. A lovely performance, with an economy of notes but just the right ones. The vocaloid is also shockingly good.

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Hi @RPLKTR! :wave:

315 users and only two showing up here. There must be more Medusas around… :slight_smile:

There is this one with @iso seen in another post:

Oh there is definitely more of us. I love love, love!.. the medusa :heart:

Here’s a (older) track i made where the medusa is used for the pads:


Encouraged by a question on Elektronauts, today I have been playing around with Medusa’s MIDI controller mode. I was surprised to discover that the DADSR faders can send different CC values when used in combination with the 1, 2, 3, Filter, AMP, and Loop buttons. Very cool!

EDIT: Oh, and the same is true with the 4 LFO knobs multiplied by the 5 LFOs! I’m tempted to pick a synth in Bitwig and map it to Medusa… just because (I don’t use soft synths much these days).

I don’t drop in that often (bad excuse but…super-busy nowadays) but I love my Medusa!

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I used some of my Superbooth train trip time to go through all the episodes of this Medusa tutorial playlist by AutomaticGainsay:

It covers the synth side pretty well, but only taps on the surface of the pads (pun intended). I guess something happened, because there is an anticipation to cover the sequencer and the parameter locks, but those videos never came apparently. Still, the videos are casual, entertaining, and systematic.


Medusa in action on Share your tunes - #12 by Sandroid


So sad I am late to the Medusa party and never owned it. Is there any chance Polyend might consider making another version of Medusa?

Very good feedback here The most beautiful synth - #9 by alexwasashrimp - Other Gear - Elektronauts and here The most beautiful synth - #39 by Scyphozoa - Other Gear - Elektronauts

Wow, I didn’t now about this “silver edition”.


A Medusa “cameo”. Very nice!

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