Medusa LFO target gone random

I have a Medusa, serial 00539, and the LFO Target selector jumps randomly, most often ending up on Pitch, without the encoder being turned, and continues even when using the encoder. I expect it to address the parameter I am selecting, either with the encoder or by pressing the LFO button and the control I want to modulate.

This happens every time the Medusa is switched on now, for about the last month.
Firmware 3.01 and 4.01 ( I tried flashing the previous firmware )


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@unclebastard Thanks for reaching out about this.
It seems we need to fix your Medusa.
Please fill out an RMA application found here: RMA Application Form • Polyend
Once you do I will contact you directly regarding the next steps.

Closing this topic :slight_smile:

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